MTS specialised and experienced services include:


Preparation and Lodgement

Preparation and lodgement of all types of applications, renewals, transfers, and all other associated documentation under the Mining Act 1992, preparation, publishing & lodgement of newspaper notices as required.


A full and factual appraisal of mining titles or applications from the point of availability and validity, including due diligence searches

General Advice

General advice on the provisions and requirements of the Mining Act 1992, as amended and other legislation that directly impacts on mining and exploration in NSW.

Detailed Evaluation

Detailed interpretation and evaluation of titles to determine the mineral ownership in respect of the relevant minerals, including advice as to the most appropriate methodology for extraction of the minerals whether private or publicly owned.


Organising and instruction of surveyors as required for formal survey of lease areas.

Detailed Reports

Preparation of reports for inclusion in IPO/Prospectus and Due Diligence Reports in full compliance with the Valmin code as required for titles in all States of Australia.


Native Titles

Detailed investigation of Native Title and as required lodgement of applications to address the Right to Negotiate Process under the Commonwealth Act, including applications for access to Crown Lands and “Exempt Lands” under Section 30 of the Mining Act 1992.

Preparation and Lodgement

Lodgement of applications for recording interests in titles in NSW and other States as may be required.


Negotiating with landowners/occupiers regarding access agreements and compensable loss in respect of applications and titles.


Appearance on behalf of clients in Mediation/Arbitration determinations on behalf of clients, in this respect Bob has more practical experience in this field than any other party in NSW.

Maps and Plans

Preparation of maps and plans showing availability of areas and conflicting applications and titles. The company has substantial expertise in computer database management of titles and in the Geographical Information Systems (G.I.S.). Information both graphical and text related can be supplied from our own internal systems on request.

Title Searches

Full searches through the Land Property Information Office system to determine the names of landholders for the purposes of negotiation of access agreements to areas of interest within titles as required. Presentation of results in GIS format for ongoing use by the client as required.

Ascertaining land and mineral Ownership

Ascertaining land and mineral ownership of areas for the purpose of lodging applications or entering into purchase agreements, including investigation of land status to determine possible claims under the Native Title Acts both Federal and State.

Comprehensive Data-base

A comprehensive data-based reminder service for the lodgement of renewal applications before the due date as required.

Most of all SECURITY. We offer our clients a confidential service with all matters treated with the utmost security.