The principal of Mining Title Services is Mr Robert (Bob) G. Harrison. Bob studied in Mining Engineering at Sydney and New South Wales Universities before starting in his career by working in the Mining Titles Branch of the Department of Mineral Resources in the late 1960’s when attending University part time. There he gained extensive experience in the exploration and mining fields in relation to administration of the Mining Act 1906 at that time.

In 1969 he resigned from the Department of Mineral Resources to join Mining Title Consultants Pty Ltd as a mining title consultant. In 1971 Mr Harrison & his former partners formed Australasian Mining Title Services Pty Ltd. Bob Harrison has been active on the Legislative & Exploration Committees of the New South Wales Chamber of Mines & Extractive Industries with specific emphasis on review of the legislation leading up to the introduction of the Mining Act, 1992, and problems arising from exploration activities in New South Wales.

Prior to formation of the Chamber of Mines in NSW, Mr Harrison also advised the Australian Mining Industry Council [A.M.I.C.] on matters relating to the legislation in this state.

Bob Harrison was also a member of the industry ad hoc committee, which was instrumental in obtaining several changes to the Mining Act, 1973. In more recent years as a member of AMEC, he has been committed to assisting in improving title maintenance and removal of problematic and repetitive processes with the Department.

Bob Harrison has been working with the Department of Regional NSW in regard to continued refining, development and upgrading of the Department’s online database system TAS and the new TMS database system as well as the MINVIEW GIS Systems.