Mining Title Services

Our Mission

The company specialises in exploration and mining title maintenance and its principal Robert (Bob) Harrison has been operating in this field for some 50 years. Trading as Australasian Mining Title Services Pty Limited from 1971 to 2000. Then as AMTS Pty Limited 2000 to 2008 and currently trading as Mining Title Services Pty Ltd (MTS) a name which more appropriately expresses the core business, MTS and its principal continue to provide a variety of services to the mining, exploration and associated industries aimed particularly at those companies and individuals requiring:-

  1. a professional and economic mining & exploration title service to alleviate the necessity of employing full time staff and also to assist those companies who already employ a titles officer by handling their additional requirements on a full or part time basis, particularly when geographically placed elsewhere in Australia;

  2. the efficient management of all facets of exploration and mining title matters to ensure the most expeditious application for available ground and to ensure that all titles of interest are appropriately maintained and serviced.

  3. Preparation of reports for inclusion in IPO/Prospectus and Due Diligence Reports in full compliance with the Valmin code as required for titles in all States of Australia.

  4. Detailed investigation of Native Title and as required lodgement of applications to address the Right to Negotiate Process under the Commonwealth Native Title Act 1992.


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